Xiao Qiao LIU

Public Relations Publicist PR


Chinese (native) , English
Los Angeles
Xiao Qiao Liu short Bio blow: Xiao Qiao Liu is a Chinese American bilingual international public relations professional with film and fine arts experience. Her grandfather was the culture embassdor of China, he was the first person to bring Chinese culture and art to the rest of the world. Her mother was the chief editor of “ Guang Ming daily”, the second biggest news paper in China. Xiao has worked in production both in China and America. She was discovered by director Irvin Kershner (“Empire Strikes Back” and “Never Say Never” 007,”Robot Cop 2”) on a production at the Getty Villa theater. Xiao managed his communication work with various Chinese production companies. After working both in China and America, Xiao realized the importance of bridging the gap between China and American in the entertainment industry. She dedicates herself to US/Chinese entertainment work, making them function as such in reality, not just in title. Xiao is also a veteran of international film festivals where she has represented Chinese studios, celebrities and films, securing and coordinating the international coverage of many events with Chinese artists and Chinese studios. Currently Xiao is working with the Chinese studio who invested in Star Trek and the Jack Reacher sequel, multiple projects with Rogers and Cowan, three different Chinese production companies doing work with American film talent, and YouGai - a Chinese concert company bringing big stars to tour in China.